Candleflame Lichen (Candelaria concolor)

12 March

The golden colour calls to the eye. Probably a species I will need to return to later in the year when its growth should be more “helpful”. To quote form an expert – “This micro-beauty usually appears in discrete, suborbicular, flat cushions, which are quite small, less than 10 mm in diameter. But, it can be also be abundant, in larger, irregular, widespread fragments, sometimes confluent and covering the whole small branches circumferentially. When looked through a hand lens it is an incredible natural filigree of golden lobes set in a delicate and stochastic ornament. The lobes are attached to the bark with scattered, white, simple rhizines.“ The yellow pigment provides a “sunscreen” for the algae that dwell in this species and grow better in low light levels. One of the more common tree lichens.