173 Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia)

19 August

LOTS of this growing aorund town at the moment – these specimens were easy to find. NOTE: Golden Rod is odten confused with Ragweed because it it bright yelllow and flowers at the same time but it has no allergenic issues – Ragweed flowers are green.

Ragweeds are annual and perennial herbs and shrubs. Species may grow just a few centimeters tall or exceed four meters in height. The stems are erect, decumbent or prostrate, and many grow from rhizomes. The leaves may be arranged alternately, oppositely, or both. The leaf blades come in many shapes, sometimes divided pinnately or palmately into lobes. The edges are smooth or toothed. Some are hairy, and most are glandular.

Ragweeds are monoecious, most producing inflorescences that contain both staminate and pistillate flowers. Inflorescences are often in the form of a spike or raceme made up mostly of staminate flowers with some pistillate clusters around the base.