Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus)

13 April

Looking back through our records, the arrival of this particular Hermit Thrush is a week or two earlier than normal but they are quite reliable in mid to late April regardless of the weather.

Other than during migration (ie: now) Hermit Thrushes rarely visit gardens and generally do not visit feeders. They normally like to forage on the ground or eat berries in yards with trees or shrubs. Comminbly a ground nesting species in this part of the continent.

(Quote – Cornell): Hermit Thrushes sometimes forage by “foot quivering,” where they shake bits of grass with their feet to get insects. They also typically begin to quiver their feet as they relax after seeing a flying predator. Some scientists think the quivering happens as the bird responds to conflicting impulses to resume foraging or continue taking cover.

The following photographs are same location but last year’s bird: