29 September

I almost overlooked this magnificent creature which superfiacially looks very like the Virginia Ctenutha Moth which I shared here as species number 143 (http://1000species.sparroworks.ca/143-virginia-ctenutha-moth/) but then I realised this one was aorund half the size and so I looked closer. Good thing that I did.

It is widespread in North America, including the southeastern US, where the Virginia ctenucha (Ctenucha virginica) is absent.The caterpillar is yellow, brown or black with sparse long, soft, pale setae. It has dark stripes on its back and sides surrounded by yellow or orange stripes. Active during late spring and summer in fields and forest edges when they take nectar from goldenrod, etc

Apart from the size the main visual difference between the two species (it seems to me) is a blue marking on C. virginica just behind the yellow collar that is absent on this species.