Horse-Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)

26 March

Still barely the first glimmerings of spring and daytime high temerature a tad below freezing so botanical subjects are not as easy to find as they will be later. However, here we have the “sticky buds” of a horse-chestnut tree that the squirrels planted in our garden a couple of years ago. One day it will provide shelter and food for squirrels and birds – it could live for around 300 years too s o we may not see it at maturity.

The buds are already bulking up and oozing their stickiness ready to produce a leaf or three – though that will be a good six weeks in the future. Leaf-burst here is usually the first ten dsays or so of May … still, a promise of things to come and one day, conkers for the kids to play with.