07 March 2021

There are some 250 members of this genus of spiders so genus is as far as I can go with identification. This particular one was tiny, no more than 0.5cm across and found indoors.

Philodromus is a genus of philodromid crab spiders. Spiders in this genus are distinctively flattened and have the second pair of legs longer than the others. They are a hunter spider and do not use a web to catch prey. The only time they spin webs is to make egg sacs and to lay drag-lines in case they fall. They chase prey down, bite it to inject spider venom, and then consume it when convenient. With such alarming speed, it is a comfort to many that this spider remains a small one.

The more than 250 described species are distributed throughout the Holarctic region, with few species reaching into more southern regions.