38 Western conifer seed bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis)

6 April

Native to North America west of the Rocky Mountains but has expanded its range to eastern North America … which is why it was happily mooching across the floor in our house. They overwinter in crevices which is probably how it came to be indoors.(Social distancing does have its interesting moments). Quite large, about an inch in body length but seeming larger because of its legs and antennae – possibly also a female at this size. The expanded hindleg tibiae evident in my photograph are confirmatory of this species identification.

This species is of the family Coreidae, or leaf-footed bugs. Western conifer seed bugs are sometimes colloquially called stink bugs. While they do use a foul-smelling spray as a defense, they are not actually stink bugs (family Pentatomidae). Lay their eggs in several species of pine trees