26 April 2021

Hofmannophila pseudopretella, the brown house moth, is a moth species in the concealer moth family(Oecophoridae), wherein it belongs to the subfamily Oecophorinae. It is the only known member of its monotypic genus, although it seems to be a close relative of Borkhausenia.

This Asian species was introduced to Europe and other continents in the 1840s, and is now found almost worldwide, although it is especially common in Britain. It is a synanthropic species that lives in private houses and commercial buildings. Smaller numbers of individuals also occur outside human settings, with larvae being found in birds’ nests, feeding on droppings and detritus. A serious pest in domestic and commercial settings due to the larvae’s destructive feeding habits. Larvae feed on various manmade foodstuffs and household materials. These include stored cereals, dried fruit, seeds, clothes and furniture fabric, fur, and wood floor inlays