Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

11 April

A fairly common mammal in this area. There are a good number in the arboretum and they are frequently seen or heard in the suburban streets where they make a good living hunting small prey creatures such as mice and squirrels but they also eat insects and sometimes plants – a rather omnivorous diet.

Foxes cache any excess food, burying it for later consumption, usually under leaves, snow, or soil. While hunting, foxes tend to use a particular pouncing technique, such that they crouch down to camouflage themselves in the terrain and then use their hind legs to leap up with great force and land on top of their prey which they then grip by the neck and shake it until it is dead or can be disemboweled.

Sometimes they suffer badly from sarcoptic mange making their fur fall off.

They do not eat cats (which anyway, should be indoors).