23 June

Trichiotinus assimilis, known generally as the hairy flower scarab or flower chafer, is a species of scarab beetle in the family Scarabaeidae.

This is a stout-bodied, oval, ¼″ to ½″ long, flower chafer beetle. The body is more or less flattened above. The upper plate covering the thorax (pronotum) is brown to black and densely covered with long, tan hairs. The hardened outer wings (elytra) are black with brown and pale markings. Two brown or whitish longitudinal stripes near the inner margin of each elytra join in an irregular brown patch near the forward margin. Two pale brown or whitish horizontal stripes extend from the outermost longitudinal stripe to the outer margin of each elytra. The horizontal stripes are unusual and help to identify this as belonging to the tribe Trichiini. The abdomen is densely covered with long hairs that poke out from under the elytra.

Each antenna has 3 or 4 long projections on one side that can be brought together and closed tightly.

The first segment of the front leg (coxa) is conical. The pair of claws at the end of each hind foot (tarsus) is simple, not doubled or toothed, and are of equal length.