56 Carolina Wren (Thyrothaurus ludovicianus)

24 April

If we lived further south in the eastern US these would be fairly common garden birds but here in the Montreal region they are harder to find. In fact they only really apooeared a bit over 15 years ago as they expanded northwards and even now only occasional birds are seen usually within reach of the river. Over the operiod we have lived here we have had one certain and on possible nesting pair in the garden and the winter of 2018-19 a pair were faithful visitors to the feeders throughout the snow cover period.

They are reasonably able to withstand the cold tempereatures provided they can find shelter from winds (we provide brush piles and they have been under the deck) but they are ground feeders and cannot find food when it is under snow and hence they are dependent on well stocked garden feeders.

If you have one in your garden or neighbourhood, cherish him. Meanwhile here’s a recording of on of their songs from a town garden