Two-spotted Bumblebee (Bombus bimaculatus)

15 May

Lord, how hard bumblebees are to identify but this is certainly one of them – so Bombus sp. But which? Spent a while sweating over this one, is it Two-spotted Bumblebee (Bombus bimaculatus) or is it the Half-black Bumblbee (Bombus vagans)? One or the other and i came down on B. bumaculatus in the end. The bee’s common name comes from the two yellow spots on its abdomen. Unlike many of the other species of bee in the genus Bombus, B. bimaculatus is not on the decline, but instead is very stable. They are abundant pollinators that forage at a variety of plants.

This bee lives in underground nests, preferably in or around wooden areas and gardens. Nests can be anywhere from 6 inches to a foot below the surface. Tunnels traveling to the nest range from 9 inches to 4 feet long.