If you have been reading the Natural History you will have realised what a range of species there are to be seen in this area. Keeping the definitive list top to date in a print version is hard so the pages linked to from here contain tabulations of species which can be easily updated and amended when news species are identified and can be added.

Please select from the links in the column to the right. You will find for each group the common name of each species, the scientific (“Latin”) name and a checkbox that you can use to tick off the species that you too have seen … obviously you need to download and print the lists to do that, but I know I am not the only person who likes to keep records like that.

If you find something new do send me details so that I can add it – name, a photo if possible, location and date.

NOTE: The checklists have a search field to make it easier to find something specific. They also, by default, show you ten species at a time but (top left of list) you can change that to 50 or 100 etc as you wish.