A couple of years ago when this Natural History project was slowly gestating I wanted to get a feeling for just how rich the range of species was – starting in minor garden and moving outwards. To this end I started writing a “species a day” blog post on another site and found it surprisingly easy over almost a two year period to keep it up until I had amassed 500+ species.

At that point it was clear that this was a project worth pursuing …

You can visit that list of 500 species, all with photographs, at this link:

For example, species #493 in July last year was the “Greyish Fan-tailed Moth” which appeared in my garden, right at the northern extent of its normal range. I described it thus:

A litter moth of the family Erebidae. The species was first described by Achille Guenée in 1854. It is found in eastern North America, from Nova Scotia south to Florida and Mississippi, west to Alberta and Kansas. The wingspan is 24–30 millimetres (0.94–1.18 in). Adults are on wing from May to August. There is one generation in the north.